Published by Feeks Media LLC, Modern Poultry is an independent news website focused on live production. It covers everything from health, feed and nutrition to housing, welfare and food safety. 

While Modern Poultry primarily targets decision-makers in live production — veterinarians, nutritionists, production managers, welfare specialists and food safety experts — its editorial content also interests researchers, academicians, students and members of allied industry.

As you’ve probably noticed, Modern Poultry looks and feels different than other industry websites. The developers wanted to create a clean, calm, engaging, clutter-free, editorial environment that’s conducive to learning and sharing.

Toward this end, Modern Poultry recruits sponsors, not traditional advertisers, and asks them to provide practical, science-based content about their research, innovations, programs, products, technologies and ideas. All content must be focused on live-production tools and topics to be published on Modern Poultry.

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact the publisher, Carly Feeks.

Editorial and production team:

Publisher: Carly Feeks
Executive editor: Joseph Feeks
Managing editor: JoAnna Pendergrass, DVM
Viewpoints and Rising Stars editor: Diana Delmar
Contributing editors: Gary Hartley, Karen McMahon, Marlys Miller
Proofreader: Ruth Misiewicz
Content manager: Susan Spiegel
Art director: Susanna Ronner
Web engineer: Jesse Jenifer


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Reprinting and reposting content

Content from Modern Poultry may be used in other non-commercial industry newsletters, publications and websites, provided credit is given to Modern Poultry with a link to www.modernpoultry.media.

Modern Poultry encourages readers to repost editorial content on social media, as long as the content is not used with promotional messages or commercial endorsements of any kind.

Industry Insights

Content on Modern Poultry’s Industry Insights pages is provided and/or commissioned by our sponsors, who assume full responsibility for its accuracy and compliance.

Artificial intelligence

It is Modern Poultry’s editorial policy not to publish content, photos or artwork generated by artificial intelligence (AI). The editors will consider using an image generated by AI only if it helps Modern Poultry’s audience develop a better understanding of a technical subject in a manner that original and readily available photos or illustrations cannot. In those rare situations, Modern Poultry will let readers know the image was generated by AI.

Translate tool

The Translate tool in the upper right corner of the website is provided as an aid to readers, but its accuracy cannot be guaranteed.  Always check with a poultry health professional who is familiar with your flock before initiating new medical treatments, feed formulations or other management protocols.