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Five steps to address low-grade fowl cholera in poultry

Even with the best flock-management and vaccination protocols, fowl cholera can occasionally find a crack in the system. Chronic, low-grade cholera problems can materialize, or occasional breaks in breeder flocks can suddenly appear.

National Chicken Council

NCC: Get (and spread) the facts about avian influenza

Poultry producers are well aware of the catastrophic losses associated with avian influenza, but even those close to live production could benefit from a refresh on the virus’ transmission and control. 

Merck Animal Health

Management, vaccines are keys to fowl cholera prevention

Fowl cholera is a bacterial disease of poultry that commonly affects chickens around 15 weeks of age and older, but it can impact birds as young as 6 weeks, cautions Charlie Broussard, DVM, Merck Animal Health.

Merck Animal Health

Understanding post-vaccination ‘takes’ critical for managing fowl cholera

Vaccination is key to managing fowl cholera in poultry. For a program to be successful, however, it’s critical to train vaccination crews to monitor vaccine “takes” or major cutaneous reactions within a flock — no easy task with today’s employee shortages and rotating vaccination crews.