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Enzyme addition helps chickens gain more energy from feed

Using the commercial feed enzyme β-mannanase can improve energy digestibility of corn-soy feed for chickens, both alone and in combination with xylanase and glucanase, research by São Paulo State University scientists in collaboration with BASF suggests.

Tryptophan: The link between poultry welfare & nutrition

Tryptophan is an essential amino acid, which is the building block of protein, therefore it cannot be synthesized by the body itself and must be obtained through food; it is important for many metabolic functions. A tryptophan deficiency could affect behavioral responses to stress in poultry.

Ensuring carcass quality requires whole-life view of broilers

The chicken carcass is the broiler industry’s final product, but a range of issues can affect its quality and, ultimately, the amount of edible food available for consumers. For producers, there are a variety of ways to manage outcomes, says an industry expert — starting with the earliest stages of birds’ lives.

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How phytogenic feed additives can benefit poultry production systems

From supporting poultry health to improving bird growth and production efficiencies, phytogenic feed additives can offer a range of benefits to poultry production systems. Megan Koppen, US poultry technical manager with Cargill, explains what phytogenics are and why they can be a valuable addition to broiler, layer and turkey diets.

Feeding olive co-products supports broiler performance

Feeding olive oil byproducts such as olive pulp and olive pomace to broilers can improve several growth performance parameters, including nutrient digestibility, feed efficiency and growth, according to a review article published recently in Poultry Science.

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NC State researcher evaluates competitive inhibition of pathogenic Enterococcus cecorum in broilers

Pathogenic Enterococcus cecorum continues to plague the broiler industry, causing mortality from pericarditis and sepsis early in the growing period and lameness and paralysis late in the growing period.

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