New poultry website focused on live production

Modern Poultry, an independent website focused on live production, is now online at Readers can also subscribe to a free biweekly newsletter and follow Modern Poultry on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Modern Poultry will cover everything from health, feed and nutrition to housing, welfare and food safety — plus many other topics related to live production.  The site will also feature special editorial sections for the breeder, broiler, layer and turkey segments of the industry.

“We wanted to take a holistic, integrated approach with our editorial coverage while also creating a clean, calm, engaging, clutter-free, editorial environment that’s conducive to learning and sharing,” said Carly Feeks, publisher and owner of Feeks Media LLC.

The website is edited by Joseph Feeks, who was editor of Poultry Health Today for nine years. Earlier in his career, Feeks edited several other poultry magazines and newsletters, including CocciForum, Intestinal Health and the Journal of Poultry Respiratory Protection.

“I’m thrilled to be joining my daughter in this new media venture,” said Feeks, who retired from his communications company, PR Works, on June 1 after nearly 37 years.

“Poultry is a dynamic industry that’s never short on innovation.  We want to report on science-based solutions for sustainable production.”

Seeking sponsors, not advertisers

Modern Poultry is also taking a fresh approach toward generating revenue. According to the publisher, Modern Poultry is recruiting sponsors, not traditional advertisers, and asking them to provide practical, science-based content about their research, innovations, programs, products, technologies and ideas. Two sponsorship tiers are available.

“Poultry is a data-driven industry, so decision-makers have neither the time nor the appetite for puff. They want science-based, thought-leadership content that puts their interests first,” Carly Feeks said.

For this reason, she added, Modern Poultry may not be a good fit for all organizations targeting the poultry industry. “But if you see value in sharing educational content that showcases your science, expertise, innovations and ideas, Modern Poultry could be an indispensable part of your communications program.”

Posted on: June 20, 2023

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Live production is the focus for the new independent website Modern Poultry, which launches today. Its science-based content, which also comes in a free biweekly newsletter, features a range of hot industry topics.

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